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Notes Regarding the Index

Google Site Search

The index has a Google site search facility enabling a search to be made for words that do not appear in the home page listings.


The  full index is divided into area's of most interest and displayed on separate pages. Typically, Adhesives, Collet chucks and Lathe accessories. This enables all records on a particular subject to be displayed together.

As the demarcation between Area's is not always that precise, view a second area if the first does not display what you are looking for, or use the Google site search.

Column T

The column on the right hand side headed T and having entries of C or M is intended to indicate construction items C. These are items where the article is predominantly constructional.   Some articles predominantly describing a process,  may also  have small items to make but are not  marked C. The demarcation is not always clear so C should only be taken as an initial guide   

Harold Hall's articles

The index of my articles has been removed from my main website and can now be accessed using the link on the introduction page.

In some cases where an entry for an item of mine is featured in my main website, the entry is linked to that page. If used, it will be necessary to use the back button, or switch between tags, to return to this index.

Using a Second Index

As indexing is not an exact science this index will not satisfy every requirement and is intended to complement other indexes that are available. Typically, that described on the CAHW website that has very much wider ranging search facilities,also includes entries for the most relevant letters and some trade items, both of which are not included in this index.

Whilst both indexing methods are very similar, there will inevitably be different interpretations of the content of an article, having been written by two people. This increasing the possibility of finding a particular item if both are used.